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Facial Makeup in the Moonlight summary:

Yuan Kun was trained strictly by his father in Sichuan opera from a young age. Unfortunately, he was seriously ill and was saved by a mysterious genetic reagent, at the cost of the risk to lose his emotion completely. He endured the great suffering caused by the side effects of the reagent and found out a secret his father buried for so many years...

Facial Makeup in the Moonlight Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 38 Apr-01-20
Chapter 37 Mar-26-20
Chapter 36 Mar-18-20
Chapter 35 Mar-11-20
Chapter 34 Mar-04-20
Chapter 33 Mar-04-20
Chapter 32 Feb-19-20
Chapter 31 Feb-12-20
Chapter 30 Feb-12-20
Chapter 29 Jan-31-20
Chapter 28 Jan-22-20
Chapter 27 Jan-15-20
Chapter 26 Jan-08-20
Chapter 25 Jan-01-20
Chapter 24 Dec-25-19
Chapter 23 Dec-18-19
Chapter 22 Dec-11-19
Chapter 21 Dec-04-19
Chapter 20 Nov-29-19
Chapter 19 Nov-25-19
Chapter 18 Nov-04-19
Chapter 17 Oct-28-19
Chapter 16 Oct-21-19
Chapter 15 Oct-16-19
Chapter 14 Oct-16-19
Chapter 13 Oct-16-19
Chapter 12 Oct-16-19
Chapter 11 Oct-16-19
Chapter 10 Oct-16-19
Chapter 9 Oct-16-19
Chapter 8 Oct-16-19
Chapter 7 Oct-16-19
Chapter 6 Oct-16-19
Chapter 5 Oct-16-19
Chapter 4 Oct-16-19
Chapter 3 Oct-16-19
Chapter 2 Oct-16-19
Chapter 1 Oct-16-19
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