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Popular Deskmate is A Cat summary:

Neal Fu is the most popular guy in the school. Gather up all the girls that like him and you can fill up a whole football field! But he himself is a cold and unemotional guy. Our heroine Shaina Mu is so lucky yet unlucky. She is the deskmate of Neal Fu, but because of this, she becomes the public enemy of all girls. Some bi*ches set her up even assault her. To her surprise, this popular McDreamy has a secret identity, which is... He’s actually a black cat!!!

Popular Deskmate is A Cat Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 24 Oct-23-19
Chapter 23 Oct-23-19
Chapter 22 Oct-23-19
Chapter 21 Oct-23-19
Chapter 20 Oct-23-19
Chapter 19 Sep-19-19
Chapter 18 Sep-19-19
Chapter 17 Sep-19-19
Chapter 16 Sep-19-19
Chapter 15 Sep-19-19
Chapter 14 Sep-18-19
Chapter 13 Sep-18-19
Chapter 12 Sep-18-19
Chapter 11 Sep-18-19
Chapter 10 Sep-18-19
Chapter 9 Sep-13-19
Chapter 8 Sep-13-19
Chapter 7 Sep-13-19
Chapter 6 Sep-13-19
Chapter 5 Sep-13-19
Chapter 4 Sep-13-19
Chapter 3 Sep-13-19
Chapter 2 Sep-13-19
Chapter 1 Sep-13-19
Prologue Sep-13-19
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