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Bakemonogatari (Nishio Ishin) BOOKMARK LIST CHAPTERS

Bakemonogatari (Nishio Ishin) summary:

Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who is almost human again after briefly becoming a vampire. One day, a classmate named Hitagi Senjougahara, who infamously never talks to anyone, falls down the stairs into Koyomi's arms. He discovers that Hitagi weighs next to nothing, in defiance of physics. Despite being threatened by her, Koyomi offers his help, and introduces her to Meme Oshino, a middle-aged homeless man who helped him stop being a vampire.

Bakemonogatari (Nishio Ishin) Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.9 Chapter 70 Apr-03-20
Vol.9 Chapter 69 Mar-30-20
Vol.9 Chapter 68 Mar-26-20
Vol.8 Chapter 67 Mar-20-20
Vol.8 Chapter 66 Mar-13-20
Vol.8 Chapter 65 Feb-28-20
Vol.8 Chapter 64 Feb-22-20
Chapter 63 Jan-21-20
Chapter 62 Sep-26-19
Chapter 61 Sep-23-19
Vol.6 Chapter 60 Sep-18-19
Chapter 59 Sep-15-19
Chapter 58 Sep-10-19
Chapter 57 Sep-01-19
Chapter 56 Jul-09-19
Chapter 55 Jun-14-19
Chapter 54 Jun-08-19
Chapter 53 Jun-07-19
Chapter 52 Jun-06-19
Chapter 51 Jun-05-19
Chapter 50 Jun-05-19
Chapter 49 Jun-04-19
Chapter 48 Jun-03-19
Chapter 47 Jun-02-19
Chapter 46 Jun-01-19
Chapter 45 Jun-01-19
Chapter 44 Jun-01-19
Chapter 43 Jun-01-19
Chapter 42 Jun-01-19
Chapter 41 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 40 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 39 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 38 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 37 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 36 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 35 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 34 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 33 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 32 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 31 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 30 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 29 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 28 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 27 Jun-01-19
Chapter 26 Jun-01-19
Chapter 25 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 24 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 23 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 22 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 21 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 20 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 19 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 18 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 17 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 16 Jun-01-19
Chapter 15 Jun-01-19
Chapter 14 Jun-01-19
Chapter 13 Jun-01-19
Chapter 12 Jun-01-19
Chapter 11 Jun-01-19
Chapter 10 Jun-01-19
Chapter 9 Jun-01-19
Chapter 8 Jun-01-19
Chapter 7 Jun-01-19
Chapter 6 Jun-01-19
Chapter 5 Jun-01-19
Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
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