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Global Garden summary:

Living in regret that his formula gave birth to the atomic bomb, Professor Einstein sends two boys whose eyes can see the future on a train that travels at the speed of light before embarking on his own final adventure: death. His hope is that they will find "HER" and tell her his wish, for it is only she who can grant it. Fifty years later, it is 2005 and the place is Tokyo. At last, "SHE" (Ruika) has been found... but Ruika has an unusual circumstance. For her mother's sake, she's been living as her dead brother since childhood. Does Ruika truly have the power to grant wishes? If she grants her mother's wish by becoming a boy, then no one can lead us into the GLOBAL GARDEN... Now it's a race against time and against each other, because everyone has a dark past and an ulterior motive for possessing the girl who can grant Einstein's wish.

Global Garden Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.8 Chapter 40 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 39 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 38 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 37 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 36 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 35 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 34 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 33 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 32 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 31 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 30 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 29 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 28 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 27 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 26 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 25 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 24 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 23 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 22 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 21 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 20 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 19 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 18 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 17 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 16 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 15 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 14 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 13 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 12 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 11 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 10 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 9 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 8 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 7 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 6 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 5 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
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