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  • Doraemon

    Alternative : ドラえもん; 哆啦A夢; 多啦A梦; 小叮噹; 小叮当; 机器猫; Đôrêmon; 萬能小叮噹; โดราเอมอน; 도라에몽; Doraemon Future Cat; Mèo Máy Đôrêmon; Doremon
  • Author(s): Fujiko F. Fujio
  • Genres : Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - School life - Sci fi - Slice of life
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jun-01-2019 18:05
  • View : 1,444,465

Doraemon summary:

From Aku Tenshi: Doraemon, a cat shaped robot which came from the 22nd century in the future, goes back in time in order to help Nobita, a below average lazy kid, to make his life less miserable and improve his descendent's life. With many of Doreamon's gadgets from the future, Nobita's life will never be as the same. It's the start of many interesting adventures after between the group of friends: Nobita Nobi, Doraemon, Shizuka Minamoto, Suneo Honekawa, and Takeshi "Giant" Goda. This title is a classic manga/anime that dates back to 1973/08 and is still a child's favorite even today. Doraemon was awarded the first Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga in 1982, and the first Osamu Tezuka Culture Award in 1997.

Doraemon Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.12 Chapter 236 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 230 Jun-01-19
Vol.13 Chapter 229 Jun-01-19
Chapter 221 Jun-01-19
Chapter 220 Jun-01-19
Chapter 219 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 214 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 213 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 212 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 211 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 210 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 209 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 208 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 205 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 199 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 198 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 197 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 192 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 183 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 173 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 172 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 164 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 160 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 159 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 158 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 157 Jun-01-19
Vol.9 Chapter 156 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 155 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 154 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 153 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 152 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 151 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 150 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 149 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 148 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 147 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 146 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 145 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 144 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 140 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 139 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 138 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 137 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 136 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 135 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 134 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 133 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 132 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 127 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 123 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 119 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 118 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 116 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 112 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 111 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 108 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 105 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 104 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 103 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 101 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 100 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 97 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 96 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 95 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 94 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 93 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 92 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 91 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 90 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 89 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 88 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 87 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 86 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 85 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 84 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 83 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 82 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 81 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 80 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 79 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 78 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 77 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 76 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 75 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 74 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 71 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 70 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 69 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 68 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 67 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 66 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 65 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 64 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 63 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 62 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 61 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 60 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 59 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 58 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 57 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 56 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 55 Jun-01-19
Vol.0 Chapter 1.1 Jun-01-19
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