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Capeta summary:

Description from AnimeNFO: Taira Capeta was a 4th grader boy. He had lost his mother when he had been very little. Although he pretended to be tough in front of his father, actually he felt lonely. One day, his father brought junk parts home from his workplace and made a racing cart. Soon, they went to a circuit to drive the cart. However, Capeta found that its frame was bent and it could hardly run straight. But, with his technique he managed the cart. Furthermore, he followed soon after the fast cart and he could nearly leave it behind. The driver in the cart was Minamoto Naomoi, the champion of the East Japan Junior Cart. Looking at their chase, Naomi’s mother, Minamoto Nanako, advised Capeta to take part in the official race. This manga won the Kodansha Manga Award for sh?nen in 2005.

Capeta Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.25 Chapter 92 Sep-16-19
Vol.24 Chapter 91 Jul-20-19
Vol.24 Chapter 90 Jun-01-19
Vol.24 Chapter 89 Jun-01-19
Vol.24 Chapter 88 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 87 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 86 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 85 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 84 Jun-01-19
Vol.22 Chapter 83 Jun-01-19
Vol.22 Chapter 82 Jun-01-19
Vol.22 Chapter 81 Jun-01-19
Vol.24 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.23 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.22 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.22 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.22 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.22 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.21 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.21 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.21 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.21 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.20 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.20 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.20 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.20 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.19 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.19 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.19 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.19 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.18 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.18 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.18 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.18 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.17 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.17 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.17 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.17 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.16 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.16 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.16 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.16 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.15 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.15 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.15 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.15 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.14 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.14 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.14 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.14 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.13 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.13 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.13 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.13 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.12 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.11 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.8 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.7 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 4 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.6 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.5 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.4 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.3 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.2 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Jun-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Jun-01-19
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