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Iketeru Futari summary:

16-year old Saji has nothing better to do than fantasize about beautiful young women all day. But he has his heart set on winning the affections of the school's headturner, Koizumi Akira. Problem is, the said girl won't even give him the time of the day. Ordinarily this would put off the typical admirer from further pursuing a fruitless endeavor, but for someone like Saji, a disconcerting cold shoulder is no trouble at all.

Iketeru Futari Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 60 May-15-19
Chapter 59 May-14-19
Vol.6 Chapter 58 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 57 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 56 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 55 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 54 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 53 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 52 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 51 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 50 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 49 Mar-17-18
Vol.6 Chapter 48 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 47 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 46 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 45 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 44 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 43 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 42 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 41 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 40 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 39 Mar-17-18
Vol.5 Chapter 38 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 37B Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 36 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 35 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 34 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 33 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 32 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 31 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 30 Mar-17-18
Vol.4 Chapter 29 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 28 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 27 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 26 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 25 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 24 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 23 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 22 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 21 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 20 Mar-17-18
Vol.3 Chapter 19 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 18 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 17 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 16 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 15 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 14 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 13 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 12 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 11 Mar-17-18
Vol.2 Chapter 10 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 9 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 9 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 8 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 8 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 7 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 7 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 6 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 6 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 5 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 5 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 4 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 4 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 3 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 2 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 1 V2 Mar-17-18
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Mar-17-18
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